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It's Day 6 of my Banned Books Week Giveaway! For more information about how this giveaway works and why I'm doing it, read this introductory post.

Today I’m looking at The Miseducation of Cameron Post, by Emily M. Danforth. It’s a sweeping, gorgeously written coming-of-age story about an orphaned girl in Montana trying to understand herself and her sexuality, despite living with conservative religious relatives. When Cameron’s aunt discovers her relationship with another girl, she sends her away to a gay “conversion therapy” school. This nuanced look at teenage life, sexuality, identity, family, and religion was nominated for the Morris Award, among many other honors. 

The book was “removed from the Cape Henlopen school district’s summer reading list in Lewes, Del. (2014), due to language deemed inappropriate for entering high school freshmen,” Robert P. Doyle writes in Books Challenged or Banned 2014-2015.

This year during Banned Books Week, the ALA is attempting to bring special attention to the large number of books with diverse content that are banned or challenged across the country each year. You can read their list of Frequently Challenged Books with Diverse Content, including Cameron Post, here, and a further discussion of the topic here.



In yesterday’s post, I talked about the need for window and mirror books, and how important Eleanor & Park was for me as a mirror. Nowhere are windows and mirrors more needed than in the area of diverse books. Take a look at this infographic made using data from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center on representation in children’s books in 2015. . .

Illustration by David Huyck

Illustration by David Huyck

We are already lacking diversity in book publishing, but when we ban those books that do exist, we narrow the field even further and diminish the chances for people to see themselves even more. For more about the importance of diversity in literature and to learn how to support diverse authors and illustrators, visit We Need Diverse Books.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway for this book, you have until 11:59 p.m. today, Friday, Sept. 30th. You will get 1) a paperback copy of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, 2) a copy of Robert P. Doyle's 2015-2016 Books Challenged or Banned, and 3) a paperback copy of my book, Sound, which is coming out this week. Enter below!

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