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Nice Guys Don't Kill People

I was at lunch today when I read about the Isla Vista massacre. The shooter killed seven people and wounded seven others, apparently because the girls he wanted to sleep with didn't reciprocate the feeling. In the video he left behind detailing what he was about to do, he calls himself a "supreme gentleman" and then goes on to explain that he will go to a sorority house and "slaughter every single spoiled, struck-up blonde slut I see inside there.”

"I'm a gentleman."

"I'm a nice guy."

Where have I heard this before?

Reading all of these news reports, I'm starting to wonder if now will be the time we start to take all the death and rape threats women get on the internet seriously. Will now be the time police and social media platform administrators stop shrugging off threats of violence against women simply because those threats were made on the internet? Will people stop saying women need to calm down and stop overreacting when they receive death and rape threats because those women made a series of internet videos about gaming or suggested that a Jane Austen be represented on British bank notes? If those links don't give you enough of an idea, this Pacific Standard article by Amanda Hess offers a terrifying explanation of how intensely graphic and specific these threats can get.

When is enough enough? When will people stop telling women to grow a thicker skin or have a sense of humor? When are people going to believe us about how bad this is?

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