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Launch Day! Hooray!

It's April 1st, Salvage's release day! This day has been so long in coming, and I couldn't have gotten here alone, so I thought I would take this opportunity to thank some people.

First and foremost, an enormous thank you to my husband Jeremy - first reader, cheerleader, one-man publicity team, and maker of extraordinary grilled cheese sandwiches.

To Stephanie Perkins, who saw Salvage from its earliest stages and helped shepherd it (and me) through its publication, and to Nathan Ballingrud, friend and mentor. I can never thank you enough. Also thank you to my agent, Kate Testerman, who is both fierce and fabulous.

To Megan Shepherd, Beth Revis, Meagan Spooner, and all the talented women of the Thirteeners, thank you for giving me endless advice and a place to vent. And for introducing me to maple sea salt hot chocolate, Adult Capri Suns, and Acorna.

To Gordon Van Gelder, who picked my first story out of the slush pile and gave me a chance, to Leslie Hawkins for getting me hooked on YA literature, to Theodora Goss for helpful critiques and inspiration, to Phil Brucato for exposing me to the world of crazy deadlines, and to Alison Misak for her early support.

To my mother, for medical information on what would happen a person with a severe calcium deficiency, and for fully accepting her daughter's utter nerdiness. To my dad, for The Story. Also, many thanks to my library family and friends for their excitement and support. You are amazing people, and I'm so lucky to work with you.

Last, but certainly not least, my thanks and gratitude go to my editor, Virginia Duncan, and all the people at Greenwillow who had a hand in bringing Salvage into the world - Tu Ahn Dihn, Preeti Chhibber, Karl Lindsey, Gina Rizzo, and the Epic Reads team.

Here are some handsome men to help celebrate. . .

Just pretend he's wearing a different sweater. Or no sweater.

Just pretend he's wearing a different sweater. Or no sweater.


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