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Every year, I mean to do something special for Pi Day (March 14th = 3.14. Get it? Ha!), like have a bunch of friends over for pizza and all kinds of pie, but then I always seem to forget. I wake up on March 15th and realize my terrible, terrible error. That almost happened to me again this year. I would have gone pie-less today if my friend Kristie hadn't done the pie-eating world a huge public service by reminding us of the momentous event on Facebook. (Thank you, Kristie!)

After I saw her post, I ran into the kitchen and told Jeremy, "Oh my god. Today is Pi Day! We haven't eaten any pie! We have to eat a pie!"

I don't know why, but it actually took some convincing to get Jeremy out the door and down to the Fancy Grocery Store. Normally, he is all about some pie, but tonight he was feeling tired and fiscally responsible. It was so worth it though, because once we were there, we found this:

And it was EXACTLY as good as it looks. Sweet, flaky shell. .  . fresh, plump blueberries. . . lovely, creamy custard. Even the raspberries were more sweet than tart. Can we make this a national holiday?

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