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Fellow writer Theodora Goss has issued a challenge: to write a young adult novel over the space of the next three months. So far, Nathan Ballingrud, Livia Llewellyn, Alexandra Wells, and I have taken her up on it, and hopefully other writers will join in, too.

This means that from June to August, I'll be attempting to write a novel at the rate of about 6,000 words per week, which is difficult but do-able. Theodora Goss has said she'll be posting daily updates on her work, but I'm not as confident in my blogging abilities as she is, so I'm planning to post about my progress here every two weeks.

Normally, I don't announce that I'll be working on writing projects until they are done or very nearly done, mostly because my computer's documents folder contains a sizeable ghost town of abandoned projects large and small. Also, thespians may have a premium on bizarre traditions and superstitions, but writers have their own brand of paranoid beliefs, one of which is that you should NEVER, EVER announce that you are working on a particular project, lest that project become IMMEDIATELY AND IRREVOCABLY DOOMED. Your writing will be as flat as three day-old Coke and you will lose any shred of motivation you previously had.

But if other writers are flying the face of superstition, I can, too. Check back to see if I succeed or if the writing gods strike me down for my hubris. Only time and this blog will tell.

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