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The other day at work, I overheard possibly one of the most awesomely adorable conversations ever.  A 5-year-old girl and her mother were browsing through a box of early reader books, looking for something to read, while I arranged some new arrivals on display.

Mother: What do you want to read?

Girl: I want to read about mummies!

Mother: Mummies?  Are you sure?

Girl: Yes, mummies!

Mother: Why don't we pick something else, too.  Don't you want to read about. . . um. . . wind?

Girl:  Here's a book about mummies!

Mother:  You know, it's spring, and in springtime there's a lot of wind. . .

Girl:  Look, Mommy, this mummy is sleeping in his habitat.

They ended up checking out the book about mummies.

I just want to say kudos to all the moms and dads out there who support their children's sudden, inexplicable interests in weird topics.  Don't worry.  You're doing something right.  And kudos to all of the kids who persevere in their quests to learn about science, especially weird science.  Just think, one day you could have a career as an astrophysicist or an anthropologist or an ichthyologist!  Or, you know, write science fiction stories and have a blog that about 15 people read.

In honor of all of you, I am declaring today Teach Your Daughter About Mummies Day.  Go forth and spread the word!

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