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Some good things have been happening to me lately, which perversely makes me want to throw up from nervousness.  It also makes me temporarily incapable of writing fiction, which is part of the reason those good things are happening in the first place.  No, I can't say what they are yet, because I will jinx myself and those things will fall through and/or I will be run over while backing out of my driveway and/or burst into flames while answering my cell phone at a gas station.  But soon.  Soon!  (Hopefully.)

In the meantime, here are some other good things that will distract you and me, none of which will make either of us want to throw up.
  • My friend Stephanie Perkins's novel Anna and the French Kiss is coming out Dec. 2nd.  If you've been watching my ever-growing "What have I been reading in 2010?" sidebar, you'll notice that I have a soft spot for well-written contemporary young adult novels by the likes of Sarah Dessen, Nancy Werlin, and Julie Halpern.  Stephanie unquestionably belongs in that company.  She let me borrow an advanced reader's copy of Anna, and I fell in looooooove with it.  Not in an "OMG my friend wrote a book" kind of way, but in a genuine I-can't-stop-reading-this/forget-to-eat-dinner way.  The book is set in a Parisian boarding school for American students, and it's a love story.  But that undersells it.  A lot of Y.A. romance -- and adult romance, for that matter -- is really about infatuation, but Anna is about deep, genuine, imperfect love.  The book got a starred review from Kirkus.  If you're familiar with their publication, you'll know they're known for not sugarcoating their reviews and getting downright snarky from time to time.  So a star from them is a hard-earned mark of quality.  Go find Stephanie's book and give someone who truly cares about writing quality Y.A. fiction the wherewithal to produce more of it!
A small taste of Hyperbole and a Half.
  • It has been a really long time since I've read anything that made me laugh so hard I cried.  But then last month when I was home alone, running a hundred-plus degree fever, my Wicked Stepmother (who is the kind of awesome person who gives herself ironically inappropriate nicknames like "Wicked Stepmother") sent me a link to this blog, Hyperbole and a Half.  I've been addicted ever since.  If you're anywhere near as paranoid and neurotic as I am, you'll find Allie's observations about life and stories from her childhood painfully hilarious.

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