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The Sept/Oct issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is out.  (Actually, it's been out for nine days now, but I was busy finishing a project for my library school class, then thinking I had done it all wrong and freaking out because I thought I'd have to start over, then realizing everything was okay and being able to sleep for the first time all week.)  My new story, "The Door in the Earth" is in this month's issue.  This story is a bit darker than my last, and set in my home state of North Carolina.  I have to doubly recommend you go pick up F&SF this month, because Dale Bailey's "Eating at the End-of-the-World Cafe" opens the issue.  It's perfectly dark and atmospheric, and the writing sharp and clean.  After I finished reading it, I went back and hunted down an earlier issue of F&SF to read his story "Silence."  Which you should do, too.

I have another story out there in the ether that's due out either later this year or early next, and a couple of larger projects which will have to remain mysterious for the time being.  More on that later.  For now, let me show you what I'm reading right now:

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