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Okay, so first off, I apologize for the ZOMG thing.  I just wanted to do it.  Just once.  I swear I'll never do it again.  And I apologize if I killed the fun of ZOMGing for all the kids out there, but I already swore I wouldn't start wearing Sillybandz (TM) so I wouldn't make it uncool for my friend's 10 year-old daughter and all the elementary school kids out there who come to me for books every day.

But really, you would be doing it too, if you knew what I knew.  Which is this:

(Are you ready?  Maybe you should sit down.)

Karen Russell has a novel coming out!

Ahem.  Maybe I'm a little overexcited.  It's just that Karen Russell is one of my favorite writers of all time.  Her short stories make me swoon and I'm irredeemably jealous of her vocabulary.  ("Limned."  God, what a perfect word!)  Her short story collection, St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, was my favorite read last year, and now she has expanded one of the short stories from that collection into a novel, Swamplandia!  It's coming out in Feb. 1, 2011.  I've been checking Amazon and lurking around the internet looking for news of another story collection -- but a novel!  ZOMG!!!  (Sorry, I couldn't help it.  But it's my prerogative as a book nerd to get worked up about incredibly dorky things like this. Ha!)

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