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Jeremy and I were driving over to our friend's house for an afternoon of board games last Sunday.  As we came up to a stoplight, we noticed a man on a motorcycle in front of us, completely decked out in black leather.  Black leather pants, black leather boots, black leather jacket, black leather skullcap.  Even black sunglasses above his long white mustache.  And sitting on the handlebars of his motorcycle, behind a small, curved windshield, was a snow-white cockatoo.

Now, if I were a cockatoo, or a person, for that matter, I would not be nearly so relaxed about riding along on the handlebars of a giant, thundering Harley Davidson, but this bird was CHILL.  There's no other word for it.  Completely at ease about the whole motorcycle-riding thing.  He and his owner even had a system worked out where the bird would step daintily onto the side mirror at a stop light, relieve itself, and then step back behind the windshield as soon as the rider revved his engine.

And that is the most awesome thing I've seen all year.  I'll report back if I find anything more awesome.

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