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Winter has been pretty eventful so far. I recently found out my next short story, "Amor Fugit" is going to appear in the March/April edition of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. (I've added a "Bibliography" box to the left for anyone who wants updates on my writing.) Also, my friend Nathan Ballingrud has a short story he co-wrote with Dale Bailey appearing in this year's The Best Horror of the Year, edited by Ellen Datlow. You can also find the same story in Lovecraft Unbound, an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired anthology that came out earlier this year.

In other news, we (along with the rest of the Southeast) had an epic snowstorm just before Christmas:
This came up to my knees. My knees!
(I don't think I've seen so much snow since the winter I was eight and got incredibly sick when I neglected to put on socks inside my snow boots.)

Then, on the morning of New Year's Eve, someone going 45 miles per hour rear-ended my car at a stoplight. I was (miraculously) unhurt for the most part, except for some minor injuries we expect to go away with physical therapy. My car was totaled, though, so I've spent the last few weeks scrambling for a new used car instead of entertaining you here. Now I've secured a new used car. Let the entertainment commence!

In other news, Loki the Rescue Cat has demonstrated mad mouse-catching skills. We found him tossing this around our living room the other night:
We are so proud!

I'd feel bad for it if he had caught it outside, but I don't want this in my house. Go, cats!

I'm a little concerned Pyewackett might be teaching Loki to read, though.
Literate cats are as much trouble as cats with opposable thumbs. They've made me promise to post my favorite books of the year next, under pain of a mousecatching strike.

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