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Hi, folks. I know you're seriously jonesing for those movie reviews I promised, but I have to drop a quick post tonight plugging a good cause.

My friend Phil Brucato is editing a benefit anthology to help allay the costs of some pretty steep medical bills for his uninsured friend, a professional musician named Sooj, a.k.a. S.J. Tucker. My story "Kinderkochen" is going to be included, along with reprints of stories from real, live, A-list writers in the fantasy genre: Holly Black, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman. If you're a sci-fi/fantasy nerd like me, you've probably already read some of the stories, but if you aren't, this would be a great primer on the genre.
The anthology is print on demand. All proceeds go toward covering Sooj's medical expenses. Plus, if you buy one, I will bake a pie for you. Mmm. . . Pie!

I'm really excited about having the chance to use my writing, the thing I love to do most, to bring about some good in the world and support a hardworking member of the artistic community. Most of the time, writing feels like the most selfish, vain activity on the earth, but every once in a while, we get to use it for an immediate, measurable good.

You can order the book here, and read more about the project on the Livejournal community Save Our Sooj.

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