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I thought you all might be interested to know that the earth was not destroyed by being sucked into a man-made black hole earlier this morning.

Today, scientists fired up The Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator, and started smashing protons together in hopes of recreating the conditions of the Big Bang in a laboratory, and better understanding such staples of quantum physics as dark matter and supersymmetry. The Washington Post has a very enthusiastic article here, as well as a video. Black holes, antimatter, extra dimensions, something called "strangelets," and retired radiation saftey experts begging scientists not to turn on the machine: this story has it all!

Now that we've seen all the warning signs we might be unwitting characters in a '70s science fiction disaster movie, I thought you should know about the Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth. (One of them involves a light bulb.) I think my favorite may be #2, "Eaten by von Neumann machines."

So, I'm always a sucker for a weird science story, but in all sincerity, I'm really curious to see what the world's largest particle accelerator can show us about about our universe. I can't wrap my head around any but the most basic concepts of quantum physics, but that doesn't stop the subject from intriguing me to an unhealthy degree. Who wouldn't be fasinated by the theoretical existence of alternate dimensions, wormholes through space, and invisible, super-heavy matter? I love it when science fiction turns into reality.

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