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Today is Memorial Day, the first holiday I've had off in over two years. While Jeremy went off to his paleography workshop this morning, I started clearing a space in our yard for a garden. I had already planted squash, zucchini, okra, strawberries, mint, and lavender in pots and boxes around our front porch, but I wanted to get down to some more serious gardening before summer arrived.

My plan is to grow sunflowers and a pumpkin patch this y
ear. Today we completed Phase 1: Sunflower Row. Jeremy and I cleared a 5' x 1.5' plot on the south side of our house, dug a small trench along the center, and planted (organic!) sunflower seeds with 1' gaps between them. We may clear a larger area later, but for now, we should have 4 sunflowers germinating in two to three weeks and blooming by September.

Next weekend we begin begin Phase Two: Pumpkin Patch.

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