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In middle school, while my friends were dissolving into pudding over whatever teen idol had been pasted to the current week's cover of Bop or Tiger Beat, I was too caught up in reading Robert Heinlein novels to care. I strategically picked out boy TV stars to name when the inevitable "Who are you totally in love with this week?" conversation rolled around, because heaven forbid any middle schooler should display a lack of interest in the opposite sex. That would make you gay and, therefore, friendless.

Now that I'm old enough to actually have romantic interests (see: husband), as well as schoolgirl crushes (see: Colin Meloy), I end up developing the strangest, most dorky infatuations. For example, John Malkovich, but only as the Vicomte de Valmont in the movie Dangerous Liasons. Forest Whittaker, who has a lazy eye. Buster Keaton, who is dead. And Eddie Izzard. To quote our friend Adrienne, I would totally have his babies. There is something incredibly sexy about a straight man confident enough to dress in drag. Add to that the fact that he rolls out hilarious, quirky riffs on history and religion, sometimes delivered in French, and you have a perfect storm of nerdy hotness. Also, the world would be a better place if more men wore eyeliner.

If you're wondering what this bizarre demonstration of pseudo-lust is leading up to, it is this: Eddie Izzard is beginning a live stand-up comedy tour. Alas, he's coming nowhere near here, and I won't be able to drive to see him on in Nashville or Atlanta, as he'll be playing those cities on week days. But if you live close to a major metropolitan area, or plan to be near one this summer, you should take the opportunity to see Eddie Izzard, even if you don't find him drop dead handsome.

Barring that, you should go out and rent the DVD of his stand-up shows Dress to Kill or Glorious, or investigate his newish TV show, The Riches. Here's a bit from Glorious about being Covered in Bees!

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