Alexandra Duncan

Science Fiction. Fantasy. Feminism.


Our cat, Pyewackett, has a love of all things that endanger his existence: window spelunking, rapidly closing doors, toilet bowls, delicious house plants, and, most alluring of all, Renfield, the hedgehog. Renfield is four, which, in hedgehog years, means he is a dumpy, cranky old man, while Pye is a sprightly, insane one-year-old in search of a playmate.

We rescued Renfield from a neglectful owner. While he's come a long way from curling tightly into a ball whenever we come near him, he still prefers being left alone with his toilet paper tube and a silk pillow to socializing with any other living creature.

Renfield ignores Pyewackett most of the time, occasionally giving him a spike to the nose if Pye gets too fresh. This rejection only seems to entrance Pyewackett more, and drive him to the point of near obsession with the hedgehog. Some day, we're going to have to sit down with the cat and explain that, in this circumstance, no really does means no.

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